How can I make Cubase Theme look like this?

Yep, after 4 or 5 restarts it becomes noticeable. It’s the main custom color scheme only, other colors like project area background or editor area background don’t have this problem.

I just don’t bother with it anymore. I use the default dark (color 1), and switch to the light blue (color 3) if I’m in the mood for a “light” theme.

Yes, I think it’s something like this as far as the RGB values go. Also, the interface limits the colors that can be chosen, so it’s not an actually a regular color wheel.

I don’t need to relaunch Cubase to the the RGB values change, it suffices to edit one, hit okay, and reopen the color picker.

What happens if you use the Hue, Saturation and Value settings instead of the RGB values? Is it stable over quit-relaunch?

I’m not sure but it’s such a minimal problem I don’t really mind either, I was just curious if it really was changing. I think it probably stays within a range percentage of color seeing how numbers go back and forth in the screenshots (something like 1%) maybe they coded like this for optimization

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Exactly my feeling as well.