How can I make loops where the start and end don't click

I’m trying to create a loop in wavelab from a piece of audio that is playing a musical phrase and it loops seamlessly.
I’ve been trying the Loop Tweaker (which doesn’t seem to do anything when I try and apply it) and the Loop tone Uniformizer which seems to completely change the loop.

All I’m trying to do is the the exact zero-crossing point (or amplitude equivalent) to exactly match the very start of the loop so there is no click sound. I figure this will involve some destructive process to a few microseconds of the audio in order to make the waves line up. This is something I can pretty easily do in Cubase by duplicating the loop a couple times and then creating a crossfade between the duplicates and moving the loop brace area.

Can anyone point me to any tips on how to seamlessly loop a musical phrase (not just some long pad sound…) Thanks!