How can i make my GUI knob rotate with the handle?

heres my GUI ive designed in Photoshop:
ibb .co/6NYQtQB

and heres my problem (notice how the knob does not rotate with the corona):
ibb .co/Fbvh6Kb

i had to remove the link structure because im not able to either upload images directly or links. just remove the space between the “bb .co”

i should also note, i am using the VST UI Editor in my daw to get the basic GUI elements down before continuing with the project. i have the knob bitmap set to a seperate png of the knob without a background and the main window has a background image of just the background without the knob, the two are not in one image.

You have to use an animated knob and render every angle of the knob into a bitmap one after the other from top to bottom. There’s no knob class in VSTGUI that supports rotating the knob bitmap.

hi, thanks for replying.
im having an issue finding the “next frame” or similar to add the other rotations. i seem to only be able to add 1 bitmap to the animation knob

Yes, you have to stitch together all the frames into one bitmap. There’a a helper application in VSTGUI named ImageStitcher that can help you creating one.