How can I make piano grace notes faster in Dorico 4?

Hello all,
I’m working on a project where the piano plays Grace notes, however, the Grace notes are just too slow and I need them to be much faster. Is there a
way to do this? And I am not talking about the tempo, I am talking about how fast the Grace-note plays before the regular note. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Have you experimented with the grace note timing in playback options?

I have not I did not know that that existed. I will try to look for it now.

Where can I find it?

It’s in the Library menu.

Don’t forget you can use the jump bar to find things if you don’t know where they are. Try typing J to open the jump bar, then type Playback Options and you can be taken right to it.

If you’re on Mac, you can also find it by opening the Help menu and typing Playback Options into the Search field at the top of the menu.

You can also find it by searching in your web browser, e.g. in Google or your search engine of choice, try typing “dorico 4 playback options” and you’ll see a very helpful result as the very first result.

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OK great thank you! I will give this a try!

I’m having trouble finding it. I have Dorico 4 elements. Does that make a difference?

I do however see where it says playback techniques. Is that the same thing?

Playback Options is not included in Dorico Elements, I’m afraid, sorry!

If you’re interested in the more advanced features of Dorico Pro, there’s a sale running at the moment, which expires on 28 July 2022:

Ok, thank you!

Also, have you tried 16th note grace notes?

The 16th note grace notes do not create any difference in the execution of the rhythm. However I was able to use a 64th as the Grace note, followed by a dotted 16th as the first normal note. It worked great!

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I’d like to report that dorico crashes if I try to manually adjust the timing of grace notes in piano roll. I noticed this about a month ago, but perhaps it has already been addressed.