How can I make plugins in-active?


I’ve just updated from 6.5 to 8.
Normally I go to "devices/plug-in information " to select the plug-ins that I want to see in the plug-in insert list (by placing a marker below the active column).

With Cubase 8 I go to “devices/plug-in manager” to see all installed plug-ins. But there’s no “active” option here?

I want to make a selection of plug-ins to be active because I don’t use all of them (like te UAD mono plug-ins for example)

Any solution for this?

If you select a plug in plugin manager you can tick active/inactive in the properties window below that opens up…Not really viable for doing to large numbers of plugs though.

A better way with this system is to use the plugin manager in C8 to make a collection or multiple collections of the plugs you want to appear at any given time…Problem being you’ll need to make all plugs active first.
Not sure if doing this in C7 plugin info now will come across to an already installed C8…or if there’s an xml you can copy across to transfer this?

Hey erik,
just open the “Info Pane” (i Button in the left corner). Then select the plugins you wish to deactivate via cmd (mac) ctrl (pc) clicking on them. This allows you to do a multi selection. You can also use shift to do a multi selection. Uncheck the Active checkbox. All deactivated plugins will be shown grayed out in the plugin list and will not show up in the default collection.

Aha…that’s cool.

Can you confirm if there is any real difference between a deactivated plug and one that you hide using the plug-in manager.
Do inactive plugs not go through the initialisation process on Cubase start-up for instance?

Deactivating a plugin in the plugin manager only hides it in the default collection and you can’t use it in a user collection. It’s kind of a pre-sorting. You can deactivate all plugins you don’t want to see in the default collection. But if someone for example sends you a project containing some of the UAD Mono Plugins and you deactivated them they will be loaded correctly.