How can I make the last bars fit the entire page?

I feel like I’ve tried everything, and there’s little to no information on this topic.
Any help is much appreciated!

Layout Options->Note Spacing->Only justify Final system…
Untick it.


I typed “last bars” into the online Dorico Manual:

The relevant page in the manual has a wide variety of keywords to try to make sure it comes up for all sorts of ways of phrasing this question, but at the moment “fit entire page” isn’t bringing it up so I’ve made a note to add that. Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s always helpful in informing phrasing to help future users find relevant information.

It’s also on my to-do list to add some pictures to this page, which I think would be helpful too.

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Or, if you don’t want those 4 bars to be stretched more than twice the width, you could:

  • add a system break somewhere earlier on a more crowded page to even out the spacing
  • change the note spacing rule by a tiny amount and see how the pages fit

Thanks! That solved the problem :slight_smile: