How can I make this Repeat Ending?

How would I make this repeat ending? I cannot find a way to have a 3 in the repeat as in the screenshot:
Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 13.12.13.png

Create a normal repeat ending and adjust the ending in engrave mode in the propterties panel.

Set up a 1st and 2nd time bar, then in engrave mode select whichever one and pay very careful attention to the settings under “Repeat Endings” in the bottom panel.
Out of interest, whose L’dor Vador is it in the example?

Thanks, I was trying to get it exactly as in the original score, which doesn’t seem to be possible, But of course this is in fact the same:
The image at the start is an attempt tented guitar chords, but it doesn’t look that great, so I deleted it again. Better to wait till the real deal comes along :slight_smile:
It’s written by Anthony Morán

If you use custom text, it is possible.

Ah, I missed that one. Is there also a way to delete the second repeat hook?

That’s funny that I mistook Spanish for transliterated Hebrew!

Dear Pianoleo,

That would be because hyphens and accents are missing here !

Yes, that’s correct. I don’t know Spanish and the source score doesn’t show any hyphens. But the person I am engraving it for is going to add them. He isn’t that familiar with Dorico yet, so I am helping him by engraving the score as far I can after which he will continue with it.

Well, Andre, if you want, I can help you with both hyphens and accents, since I speak fluently spanish. It would be a pleasure to help :wink:

Thanks, Marc, that would be great. There are 12 short parts, being a funeral mass. I engraved only the 1st part, my friend will probably do the other parts because he wants to learn Dorico. After that, I will send you the file so you can have a look at the text. Thanks again!

You’re welcome, Andre !