How can i map a plugin parameter to a midi controller?


How can i map a plugin parameter to a midi controller?

I want a basic remote control to a vst plugin parameter that can be saved to my song

Quick Controls is the best way to do this.

To map your controller permanently to Quick Controls: open Studio Setup, Under Remote Devices, click on “+” to create a new Generic Control (btw. “Track Quick Controls” and “VST QC” under Remote Devices didn’t work here, thats why I recommend using “Generic Control”)

  • Configure the CC#s of your controller in the upper box.

  • Lower box:
    C.Name: “…”, Device: “Mixer”, Ch/Category: “Selected”, Value/Action: “quick controls: Quick Control 1”, Flags: None
    (repeat this for the rest of the 8 QCs)

  • When you’re finished, export and re-import it to make the mapping permanent.

    In the Track Inspector / Quick Controls, turn on QCs, select any parameter from your VST inserts, and control it with your controller.

Hey thank you Mr 9 Volt

i think i am able to resolve this with your instructions :bulb:

Just in case you might be overlooking this: Many plugins for which remote control of parameters makes sense already have midi learn built in.

Thank you