How can I merge MIDI from lanes into one track part?

When I am recording MIDI VSTi takes, I may record separate lanes for notes and controllers.
I want to stack them into one part when I have the takes I want.
If I just drop the lanes on top of one another, I cannot access all the layers in the MIDI editor, only the one on top.

I just want to clean it all up and put it into one part then ditch the lanes.


After moving all of the to one lane, glue them by using the Glue tool, please.

Be careful doing it as Martin suggests.

When gluing together midi parts like this there is a bug (or maybe a weird preference setting) where data from outside a visible parts boundaries ends up being erroneously included.

That may be difficult to understand so…
You have a take on lane 1, and a second take on lane 2.
You trim the beginning and end of the second take to just keep a few bars in the middle - but there is of course unwanted data still either side.
When you glue the parts together only the selected few bars of take 2 should be included, but often that outside data ends up in there as well.

You can get around this by making sure that you don’t trim parts, but cut them - that seems to work 100%


Thank you for reminder.

I found much faster way, and it’s safe:

  • Select all lanes.
  • MIDI > Freeze MIDI Modifiers (this will remove all the MIDI Notes out of the borders).
  • MIDI > Bounce MIDI.

You can even make a Macro out of these two commands.


Will this merge stacked information from multiple lanes?
Some VSTi tracks have multiple takes vertically meaning one lane with notes, another with a CC and another with a pitch bend etc. which all add up to the “performance”. Will this add them all together into one lane?


Yes, it DOES work for the multiple lanes, what I didn’t know before and what surprised me.