How can I merge one flow with another flow vertically combining to form one large score?

How can I merge one flow with another flow vertically combining them to form one large score? I created one half of a score in one flow and the other half of the score in a different flow. Now I want to combine both flows to make a complete score. The first score is woodwinds and some brass and the second score is percussion instruments with strings. I imported the second flow into the same project, but cannot figure out how to place it UNDER The top half of the score to make one complete score? Does anyone know how to do this?

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I know that I can copy the second flow with the track function but do not know how to direct the program to paste the entire bottom portion of the score underneath the first half.

In Setup, select Flow1 and add all the missing instruments (that currently only exist in Flow2) - just tick their boxes and you will get a load of blank staves in flow1.
Use the system track in Flow2 to select everything and Copy.
Go to Flow 1 bar 1 and select the first of your blank staves. Paste. Done!
(I’m assuming that Percussion and Strings are all positioned below the Wind and Brass)

Thank you Janus! It worked! But now for some reason after I set the play back template to HSSE+HSO I do not get any sound when I try to play the score? I see all of the instruments that loaded correctly but no sound? I don’t know why this is happening.

Never mind, I figured it out thank you so much! I really appreciate your help!