How can I mix two events into one manually?

I have two audio events, and I want to mix them manually into a new event.
I was trying to choose them both and press Audio-Bounce, but it didn’t produce the expected result.

What is the best practice to do it?

What exactly is the result you expect?

The bounce command consolidates two or more events, including fades + crossfades.

If you want to make two events play at the same time there are different ways to get there.

  1. overlapping events: crossfade (double click on the crossfade opens the editor, do what you like there)
  2. no overlaps: do an audio export (having them on two tracks)
  3. no overlaps 2: double click one of the events/open sample editor > go to the range tab > select all, copy to clipboard > select other event > choose ‘merge clipboard’ from the audio menu.

Is that what you want to achieve?

I need overlapping.
So you’re saying it can be achieved using Crossfade?? Just put the events one on the other, press X, and then adjust the crossfades to be a steady horizontal line on 0db. That should work? (Cause that’s really a gread idea… :slight_smile:)

Yes, that works. Check out the crossfade editor, there are two preset option concerning equal amplitude/power but you can untick that and create completeley free fades.

Just put the events one on the other, press X, and then adjust the crossfades to be a steady horizontal line on 0db

Pretty sure you can’t do this…there is no way to adjust a fade to not be a fade!

As Cubase does not allow overlapping audio on the same track other than with a crossfade… you will have to use 2 tracks and then export audio mixdown these to a new track.

Think we’ve got confused in our talk. Let’s define ‘overlap’:

  • a usual crossfade

Now set grid mode to events and move the right one to the beginning of the left, here’s a little screenvideo:
It works! At the end of the video I try to move the upper event to the right: doesn’t work. This action removes the crossfade.

That’s what I thought Booli want’s to achieve, another little video:
Zoomed in you can see, that there’s a tiny fade applied, whatever you do but that’s ok for most jobs.

However, you can always use the range tool and bounce your event(s) with a little space left/right before applying your desired crossfade and keep the tiny smooth fade in the empty part of the event.

And if you add some silence to the start and end (using bounce and a few silent clips), then you can cover the whole of your desired audio maybe?

But tbh I’d go for two separate tracks and group the events!!

Or, if you dragged the audio events below the last track then you could create new tracks for each, then solo them, select the events, press P, optionally route them to a group to avoid the main buss and then export and import, job done.


I couldn’t really understand out of the manual, which real audio this “export mixdown” option make. It includes the inserts/sends etc, or not? And if so and I want to not include them, then I have to bypass them first before I press the Export button?

Yep, you need to tweak the channels to get the un-effected audio out, i.e. turn off inserts and make sure the send effects aren’t included too. So you might be better using two new tracks as I suggested because that way you know the faders are at 0dB and there’s no inserts. Then you don’t mess up any settings you already have on the existing tracks with those tweaks. You can also keep these two tracks for later exports…