How can I mix (two sets of final stereo outputs) to one wavefile stereo mix L/R

Hello Cubase users I have Cubase 11.

I had assigned two sets of stereo outputs on my Motu 4 Soundcard

  1. The music Mix (with Plugins)
  2. The vocals Mix (with plugins)

In my headphones and monitors I hear them merged together and that is what I want to get a final mix of both of these outputs together.

I need to merge them together for the final mix of left and right channels and do not know how to do this.

When I choose File , Export, Audio Mixdown it shows Output 1 & Output 2 available I put a check mark next to them and it exports them as separated channel (not merged) for the final mix.

Thanks in advance my friends.



Choose Stereo Mixdown, please.

Thanks for responding but unfortunately it does not merge these seperate outputs into one stereo track.

You need one final stereo output. You can use groups for your music and vocal sub mixes. You can leave the stereo output “Not Connected” in vst connections and use the direct out on groups if you want to send them to separate hardware outputs for monitoring.