How can i modulate brilliance in Purple Drawbars?


How can I modulate brilliance in purple drawbars?

The modulation matrix (the whole zone page) is empty…

Thanks a bunch:)

Looks like one of those locked Halion Sonic SE patches which can’t be edited.

Quickest would be to add Halion’s Auto Filter on the program bus and setup its built in LFO for modulation.

Other option is to use Cubase’s Auto LFO midi plugin on you channel’s midi insert.
Halion’s quick control 2 uses controller nr. 71 as a default. Setting Auto LFO to modulate CC71 should do the trick.

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i tried to put a mono lfo in the program tree at first… But since the modulation matrix is invisible, i could not map it…

Option 1-> how would i setup autofilters lfo to modulate the brilliance?

Option2-> this one was die antwoord and worked like a charm… Thx:) - but the changes are not reflected in the QC slots… Ah well…

Thx so much for the QC CC…
Strangely, here is the order of the QC CCs:
QC 1: cc74
QC 2: cc71
QC 3: cc73
QC 4: cc72
QC 5: cc75
QC 6: cc76
QC 7: cc77
QC 8: cc78

Seems like a minor oversight…:wink:

Thx again and pls do share your “option1” knowledge;)

Good to hear from you too.

Option 1 wouldn’t really modulate the brilliance, but Autofilter could give you a high freq. modulated tonal change, if that was what you’re after. It was more of a quick and dirty solution if nothing else worked.

I see the Rotary Speaker plugin is accessible in the program tree, maybe you could make some adjustments there.

I thought option 2 might be die antwoord.
If the QC knobs don’t visually respond to the Auto LFO, try reloading / reverting the drawbars program. Halion can get a bit of a brain freeze with large amounts of controller data coming in.

The QC CC numbers relate to the default GM CCs for common operations. 74 cutoff, 71 resonance, 73 attack, 72 release etc.
This explains their seemingly arbitrary values and strange order.

yeah , I was looking for brilliance :wink:

The order or the CC’s tells me that the GM people and the original creators were not very “orderly” - to think that a whole industry was built on this mess… lol – amazing that no one tried to fix it when it was first created… teehee


You take care and again, thank you=)

You’re welcome.