how can i modulate/timestretch?


i want to set a loopregion and have this modulated with an LFO synced to my host tempo, in other synths i set the source to LFO1 and destination to Position e.g.
but in padshop pro i cannot find those options? :frowning:

also i didnt find out how to set the looping playback style to backward/fwd or the other way round?

i uploaded a simple preset :frowning:

hope someone can help me :smiley:

just wanted to create a simple preset with

  • looped region
  • synced to lfo
  • starting at loop start at each key note press

hope someone can help me! thanks!

is there any support at all? hello? i just bought padshop pro and my question is 1 month old… hmmmmm


Did you read the manual?