How can I move a note horizontally?

I’m trying to align the bottom note vertically to the left of this left hand piano part end, but I can’t move it to the left?!

I found that to write this was dificult: I tried at first with the method of step by step input for example fostr voice: quater than " T " then blanche pointée etc…and I obtained this:
When we have tied notes we can only force stem of the first? Not really as I want
Can somebody help me
best regards

I finally found that I must not select the note but in clicking the square in Engrave mode, another square appear and have influence:

Sofinally I found a solution at left with putting " T" after" and at right input " T" in enter note and change stem direction:

Not sure that my way to resolve this problem is the best one?!

You could have put all three voices on the same voice index (Engrave mode, click on each note and check the properties>column index).


I thought there had to be a better method than mine
thank you

One can also tie between different voices by clicking, then CTRL+Clicking the second note and then applying the tie.