How can I move all my settings (keybinds, colors, etc) to Cubase 12?

Or if anyone can link me a source that would really be appreciated. I’m doing this for the first time since I only recently got Cubase 11 with the 12 already in it.

Thank you


Same here.

It has been 4-5 years since i updated (my Cubase 11 Pro was a de novo purchase), and i recall it wasn’t as smooth as i was hoping for … so i second @Lorenz_o 's request for clear instructions for the transition of all personalized settings from C11 Pro to C12 Pro.

I’d even be happy with a list of what isn’t expected to work well … so i don’t incorrectly assume it’s user error that’s causing the problem and spend an eternity trying in vain to fix it! :slight_smile: :smile:

What I figured out is under Edit-Profile Manager you can export your profile from your template or whatever in Cubase 11 and then import that file in Cubase 12. This changed my colors and keybinds and even language if your windows or McOS isnt on the language you use in cubase. If I open a new project it keeps these settings. Maybe that’s it. I didn’t find anything that hasn’t been copied that way.

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Thanks, @Lorenz_o !

And for some settings, it may be useful to know the locations of the various settings files. For example, I ended up having to copy my Key Commands preferences manually.