How can I mute the audio from a video in Dorico?

Hello, pardon me if I’m not understanding something obvious, but I cannot seem to mute the audio (or even turn it down) from a video I’m playing within Dorico. In the Mixer I’ve turned down the video’s volume slider entirely, and also toggled the Video’s “mute” button. Nothing seems to make any difference. What am I missing?

It really should be as simple as muting the video track in the Mixer. Can you reproduce the problem with another video file in another project?

I am encountering the same issue.

Follow-up: I am able to solo the video channel, but neither muting nor volume adjustment works.

I’m also unable to affect the start time of the video despite setting Video > Properties in the flow. I see the start time stamp shown in the flow change, but actual playback never shifts.

I wonder if there are some video-related bugs in Dorico 4.2.0.

And…I am now unable to affect detaching the video from the flow to get it out of my playback. That is, the video technically detaches, the film reel icon disappears from the flow and the video window goes black, but it still plays back the film’s audio. I even tried duplicating the flow and detaching it from the copy. Since I can’t mute the video either, this is a real problem…yikes!

Does this happen at the outset either with a brand new project or adding a brand new video?

You may need to send the project in order to help problem-solve.

I’ve only tried attaching a new video to an existing project’s (sole) flow.

I spoke with a Steinberg rep earlier today, and after some shared-screen interaction they had me send the file in for further digging.

One possible issue, which I mentioned to the Steinberg rep: I’m using NotePerformer 3.3.2 for all of the instruments, so I wonder if there’s a bug related to integrating video with NP.

I plan to start a new tagged thread if and when we find something report-worthy, to help anyone else having this same trouble.

The good news: I had made a safety copy of the project file before trying to attach the video, so I was able to go back to it and keep working. I then exported a WAV file from Dorico, dropped it in a Logic Pro file along with the audio I originally wanted to add and made my demo that way.

If it’s more info about the same issue, just post it here, rather than a new thread.

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Roger that, though my thinking was that the problem of being unable to successfully detach a video from a flow (in addition to the muting problem) might warrant a new thread.

Fair point. I guess Daniel will just split the threads if he thinks it’s appropriate.