How can I open entire track in Key Editor?

When I click on a part, only that part opens in the Key Editor. Can this be changed to opening all the parts on that track?

Not at my computer at the moment but from memory, either select all the parts OR there may be a button somewhere near the top left that enables showing other parts than the one selected?

Actually, this option does exist, as I activated it in another project. I just don’t remember how I did it, and the Manual doesn’t mention anything about it. :confused:

Doh! I’ll have a look later and see if i can find and describe.

Can’t find a button function that does this, I thought it was from the “Multiple Part Controls” but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

You can see all parts and move from one another in the Key Editor by selecting all the parts on a track as I mentioned. This can be accomplished easily from the Edit Menu (Edit/Select/All on Selected Tracks). You can also give this a shortcut key so having selected the track you could then automatically select all the parts and then open the Key Editor. If you were to upgrade to Pro you’d be able to accomplish the latter part of this with a single keystroke but sadly there’s no Macros in Elements.

Found it! In the set-up of the lower window Tool bar (top right corner of Key Editor) check “Multiple Parts Controls”. That makes a relevant tool box appear in the Tool Bar …

Thx. If you go for manually selecting all the parts of the track for editing, the short-cut would be ctrl + A (select all).

Not really, this will select all the parts of all of the tracks. Probably not what you want!

You’re right. When I’m in the Key Editor and press ctrl+A, are then only the notes of the active part selected, or the whole track, or even the whole project?

There are several methods for editing all parts on a track in the Key editor.

  1. Select the track (with no parts selected) and open the full Key editor (not the lower zone) usually with Ctrl + E or press Return.
  2. Select all MIDI parts on the track (by using one of the methods described above or hold shift and double-click on the first part on the track), and then open the Key editor.

If you press ctrl + A in the Key editor all notes from all parts currently in the editor are selected.