How can I open the draw/ note expression in Cubase 11?

Previously when double clicking on MIDI notes, you could open a window where in some cases you could pan each note with note expression, now when you double click, the notes are deleted, im just in love with this new feature!

However, I would like to know how I can open the other tool which allowed to draw the expression of the notes ? I can’t find the key combination, im looking on Steinberg Help, but I cant find it…

You will have to change this default behavior or access Note Expression in the following ways:

  • make “Show Note Expression Data” visible in the Key Editor toolbar and enable /disable as per your need
  • Assign key command :
    → Note Expression>Double-Click opens Note Expression Editor On/Off
  • In the Menu: MIDI>Note Expression>Open Note Expression Editor (you can also assign a key command to this)