How can i Open Track Group Presets on Win8?

Hi there,

I am trying to save ( selected group channels as ) track presets, when importing/opening the preset nothing happens

I can see the list of presets and choose my saved group channel, but nothing opens

I have saved the group from withing and outside of a folder
I have set the cubase presets folder read only, off

But it gives the same results

I have tried dragging the presets from mediabay, but it shows the circle with a line in it

How can i get the track presets to open?


I used Save Selected Channels from the MixConsole function menu (while the Group Channel is selected), and then Load Selected Channel (while the Group Channel is selected). This works to me here (Cubase 8.5.20, Mac OS X 10.11).

Thanks, i will be using this workaround for now

I was attempting to save instruments with groups, trying to find a working method for situations where you do not remember the amount of groups

Maybe i ll need to include that in the saved filename, thank you for the support