How can i output through master 1-2 and spdif 1-2?

Hey guys

So I have started using SPDIF out on the MR816x into my headphone DAC to allow for the best possible headphone quality, this has meant setting my main output to SPDIF 1-2.

However it appears I can only apply 1 master set of outputs? meaning that I cant also have sound coming out of the normal master output 1-2 for studio monitors.

Is there a solution that allows me to have the master output be both 1-2 for monitors, and SPDIF 1-2 for my headphones?

Thanks for any help on this one!

Setup the “control room” function to have two sets of monitors.

i dont use cubase sorry! any other way?

The solution would be to use cubase. What daw are you using?

Ableton, i dont want to use cubase at all, id sooner sell the interface

Well sell it then, you will likely only get help here for Cubase settings. Try a more universal forum.

Usually on an interface the spdif is automatically a copy of 1-2 but I could be very wrong about that.