How can I pack and unpack lanes?

If I have a number of audio takes on separate tracks, and I want to put them all on the lanes of one track - is there any easy way to do that?

I can drag takes in one by one, but it is time-consuming and somewhat erratic.

The reason for doing this is that I often want to comp a set of takes that are not already on the lanes of one track…it could be that they are imported…or multiple tracks with multiple sets of lanes that I need to consolidate.

I’m trying to replicate the function of Logic’s “pack folder” and “unpack folder”. Looking forward to using Cubase’s comping feature, it looks like it’s better implemented than Logic’s…but this track packing thing is slowing me down.

Hi and welcome,

Right-click to the track and use Clean Up Lanes function from the pop-up menu.