How can I play only the flows that are part of a layout?

I have a layout set to only include specific flows. They all appear one after the other in write mode, but in setup mode there are several inactive flows in between. When I play, I expect it to move from one flow in the layout to the next – but it seems as if it plays all the flows as defined in setup. So there’s a long silence because the interim flows are not part of the layout I’ve selected.

How can I play only the flows that are part of my currently selected layout?

Short answer: you can’t. Dorico has to have a single global timeline for flows for various reasons concerning the video feature added in Dorico 2.0. If the inactive flows are sketches etc. then you could consider moving them to the very start or the very end of the list of flows.

Gotcha. I haven’t done any video yet but I think I see what you mean. And yes, I have lots of sketches. I am really appreciating how Dorico allows me to put a ton of material into a single project, all in different stages of completion, while still getting really clean separation / views of it all. As I’m starting to grok layouts more, I am finding I do not miss Sibelius Ideas panel at all – and I’m a big fan of Ideas, even if you weren’t completely satisfied with it :slight_smile: