How can I purchase 7.5?

I just bought Cubase 8, but I am unhappy with it and will like to downgrade to 7.5 for the time being, but I cannot find anywhere on the Steinberg website where I can buy a license. I have already the Trial version so I don’t need to download anything.

There is no need to buy another license. Simply install Cubase 7.5 full version and run it (your license will be more than enough)

Download and Install 7.5.30 complete + Cubase 7.5.40 update.

Thanks, but I only see an Update on your link. Is that all I need? I do already have a Trial version installed that worked as a full version for 30 days, but it won’t open without activation.

scroll down to see everything there. Cubase 7.5 will open if you have a FULL (not trial) license for 8 pro.

AAHHHHHH, THANK YOU!!! Yes, that worked like a charm. I am super excited to make the move from Logic to Cubase on all my work for 2015!!

So will I be able to open most of my 7.5 sessions in 8 when I upgrade to Yosemite this summer? Or won’t they be compatible?

Yes, you will be able to open all of them.