How can I record audio with SFX


I would like to record audio with SFX in Cubase ie using real instrument and sfx plugin like amplitube or any other cubase or 3rd party plugin. Is this possible ? How? Is there a tutorial or tips somewhere?
I do not want the sfx to playback after recording and not to freeze this sfx.

It is possible to do it with other sequencers. Thanks for your kind suggestions :nerd:

What version of Cubase do you have?


you can insert these plug-ins directly to the input buses. Tracks will be recorded with the plug-in effects.

To be honest, I dot like this way. Why do you need this? In this case, you can’t make any correction in future. If you use it as standard Inserts, you can change anything, you want. Reason for this could be, if you are recording in the studio, where they have these plug-ins, and you will mix it at home (or different studio), where you don’t have these plug-ins.

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1 - I am currently using version 6.53 :nerd:

2 - Why direct recording with SFX ? 2 much cpu consumption :mrgreen: when mixed with a number of VST instruments adn SFX :mrgreen:

Thanks for your comments. I’ll try and let U know

There is bigger problem, if you will load your CPU during recording, than if you will load it during playback. You know, drop-outs, etc.

During playback, you can use freeze. But you have always option to change the sound.

Dear Martin,

I cannot find the way to insert the FX within the input bus. I a m missing one step… :frowning:

Why this choice ? I am trying to get the sound while recording and not after. It was very interesting at the beginning to me but at the end I realize that when I record a guitar or a bass I am already satisfied with the sound. the post FX work is 2 much time consuming for these particular instruments but I agree with U it would be more convenient. However CPU consumption is still 2 high when you records drums machines with 5/7 synths and guitars and basses + vocals. even with my 4 core CPU :nerd:

Thanks for your help

Now do you need an explanation of how to load an insert? I really can’ t that - it’ s two mouse clicks…
You should really use the manual then.The whole thing is explained there as well… :confused:


Just open your Mixer window (shortcut F3). On the left side, you will find your input busses (if they are not hidden). Add Insert effect on this track the very same way, as you add it in to any audio track in your Cubase project.

This is intuitive. :wink:

Thanks Martin for the tip :mrgreen: this will be very helpful. I never thought going to the mixer indeed

I did not find it clearly in the manual.

Now it works :nerd: :nerd:

Try page 98 onwards for an explanation of using the input channels.

@ vanlug

  1. make short keys for you’re mixer views:)
  2. use the Input Channel inserts (but then Cubase was a non-destructiv DAW)
  3. create a Groupe or a FX Channel and
    create a AudioChannel set output: no Output; input= Group-Channel…

Now It works fine thank to all of U.

On page 98 I ve got something else (French version) This may explain that… :mrgreen: found something further but not as simple than Martin’s one…

From the Martin’s info I can do what I am looking for :nerd: :nerd: :ugeek: