How can I record internal audio in Cubase 7?

I have a non-VST, standalone-only softsynth. I want to make a real-time audio recording of my playing it. How can I do that? I tried to select Stereo LR in for input on an audio track but no audio got recorded.
I never make any audio recordings in Cubase so please note I’m not familiar with the settings.
I’m on a mac and do not have an external sound card.


2 problems here the synth in not in Cubase and you don’t have an audio interface. So NO I don’t think it’s possible…

OK thanks; then, how can I record the outputs to anything? Will I need something like Soundflower or Audacity?

There are programs that can record your sound cards output internally.
I’ve used a few of them on PC, I would imagine there is an equivalent for the mac.

Yes soundflower works…