How can I register my copy of Cubase 8 LE.

Hi! So I just bought a Scarlett Focusrite Bundle. And it comes with a free copy of Cubase 8 LE. I’ve installed everything as it was explained but for some reason, every single time I run Cubase my “hours” meter starts to decrease. First it said “you have 543 hours left to use Cubase…” This was on September 9th. We’re in September 25 and Now I have 238 hours left! I’ve just run my copy of Cubase like 3 or 4 times and for an hour or so, where is my “time” going? Why is this happening? Somebody told me to “register” my copy of Cubase with an eLicenser but I don’t know how, if I do that what will happen? Will I get rid of the “hour” meter (for the lack of a better Word or name) whatever it’s called. Somebody told me that my copy of Cubase was free… so why am I getting this? I just want to know if my copy of Cubase 8 LE is free and if by registering it will it be mine “forever”? I don’t care about exporting to .mp3, I just want to record my music.

Anyway, I hope you can help me with this. Thanks for Reading.

Login to mySteinberg and register your cubase le 8. Then you’ll get an activation code by eMail, which you have to put in in the elicenser control center software to activate cubase.

Thank You! I did it when I installed my Cubase 8 LE and I did it again last night but the code that I received on my mail is the same one that I used the first time. And it says that " X !: This code has been used". And that’s it. Does that mean that I have to upgrade my copy of Cubase? Isn’t free the copy of Cubase that comes with the Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface? I just can’t find a simple-short-straight answer on the Steinberg website about it. And I don’t know who can help me out with this. Anyway, thank you for your time and for Reading this.

You should contact the steinberg support. Of course the LE version should be free for you.

Thank you! I will, I’ll give it a couple of days, if it still the same I will contact Steinbergs support. Anyway, thank you very much for helping me out. Thanks. (:

You could also try to reactivate your license. Maybe something went wrong with the first activation.
Therefore you must login to your mySteinberg area. There you have the “Reactivate” button. You can request a new activation code for your registered licenses there.

I didn’t knew that. Thank you very much. (: