How can I remove a licence from elicencer control center?


Well supposed to be available somehow the option Remove License from Actions pulldown. I use 6.10.2223 elicenser.

so how it works?

Myself i clicked any kind of buttons (e-licensers icon, XXXXX-XXXXXX icon on the left, Cubase Elements 9.5 on the right) and any combos and the option is greyed from Actions pulldown menu


only certain licenses can be removed, especially so-called “Demo” licenses; those are usually limited in some way.

Full (unlimited) licenses cannot be removed.

In case you absolutely need to remove a full license from your USB-eLicenser, you could acquire a second USB-eLicenser and move your license from one USB-eLicenser to the other one (using simple drag-n-drop).

Hi Dirk

The problem is that me and a friend working on same computer, with different steinberg licenses. The elicenser serial number netherless is attached to one registration and cant be used for activating the other license through reactivation. Any advice on this?

The whole idea of mine was to removing my license, friend registers his own, and vice versa. But as said above the problem is that e-licenser SN is registered to one account

Are your licenses on USB licensers? If not then you can’t do what you want I think.

nope - software only both…

You could acquire a USB-eLicenser, then move the license in question to that USB-eLicenser.
That way, your different licenses would reside on separate devices.

See Steinberg’s Resale Wizard:[article]=