How can I remove a Soft-eLicenser from my account?

Perhaps I shouldn’t post here but I couldn’t find a proper category for this issue.
Pardon me.

I’ve sold my Mac some days ago. But today I just find out that Mac’s been registered as a Soft-eLicenser on my Steinberg account.
Hence I need to remove it from my account, since that Mac’s already on a new owner’s desk.
How can I do it, folks?

First, you need to REACTIVATE any licenses that were on that eLicenser (if there were any) onto your new computer. Then, you can delete the old soft eLicenser from your account in MySteinberg.

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Thank you for your reply.
It’s already empty. I’ve transferred all my licenses into my USB dongle.
But on the MySteinberg page I couldn’t find any remove option for that Soft-eLicenser.