how can I replace midinotes with audiosamples fast easy way?


I am on a project with some classical music and would like to replace notes with funny samples in the right pitch,

long time ago, in 1995 I had a program called studio vision pro, pro sequencer for mac ( it has died pitty)

You could select in the editor the midi notes and replace all of them with a sample in the same editor, all C’s or different like all D’s with an other sample
So you could choose select the ones you like, just like selecting midi in the editor, and have all of these replaced with 1 sample, after that go on with the next

Someone has a suggestion? or maybe with another plug in?

I have 8 pro, on Windows

Like to hear from you, ok thanks

If cubase can not do that , I think they should ad it

Looks like going for a sampler would be best, but that is not easy fast learned.

Yes a sampler might be best in the long run as you’re going to need to adjust the pitch not just play back samples.

If you don’t need the pitch changing you can trigger your own samples from the pads within Groove Agent SE which comes with Cubase.