How can I rewire?

According to the manual it’s possible to rewire. i can’t find a way in “devices” to do so. see tke att. what am I doing wrong? Thanks, Codalex
Rewire 2.png

What rewire slave capable applications do you have installed?


i’ve problems with my Grand 3. “serious problem” when I want to open it in Cubase. the last suggestion of my helpdesk ( Guillermo) was to use Grand 3 in Rewire. so the answer is: Grand 3

No specs = it’s broke, how do I fix it= your guess is as good as anyone’s. :unamused:

My first guess would be that The Grand is not properly registered with Windows as a rewire application. All rewire applications, when properly registered as a rewire application, should be visible in the devices menu.

Was there an option, during The Grand installation, to choose to install the rewire client version? If you can’t recall, perhaps try reinstalling The Grand.



Thanks Carey,

I reinstalled The Grand3 but couldn’t find rewire option.
I think i’ll go back to the support and ask them.