How can I route individual channels from a 5.1 bus to separate busses?

I want to separate the L R C LS and RS into their own separate buses for processing. How can I do that?


Add a FX Channel to Selected Channels. Set the Configuration to Mono.

Open Channel Settings window of the source Audio track. In the Sends section, select down the Panning tab. Double-click the 5.1>1.0 panner. MixConvert V6 opens. Show Input Channel Display. Here Solo Left Channel.

Do the same for other channels. So at the end you will have 6 FX Channel. Every single FX channel will process one of the 5.1 channel.


I will try it out.

Hi Martin,

I ran into a snag:

After opening the MixConvert V6 tool, I do not see options to solo the individual channels; “front” and “surround” are treated as groups.

The top left button solos the entire front (L C R).

Am I using an older version of the plugin, or am I doing something wrong?


There is the < button in the left bottom corner. This one will show the controllers you need to.