How can I route the click (metronome) to play from nuendo 11 to a universal audio console channel?

any way to do this? I remember being able to get it out of the box on Nuendo 4 thanks

my click track is clicking away but despite setting “audio click outputs” to the main bus from metronome setup I see no click level coming from the main bus. I do see level on a visible input channel but no options to target it anywhere are available. could this be a bug? thank you. Ron

• Set Locators
• Select a Track
• Project<Signature Track<Render Audio Click between Locators
• An Audio Click Track will be created

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thank you i got that together just thought that it could be done without making an audio track but maybe that’s the best way and i’m just stuck in my past way of thinking. thanks for that reminder

That’s the way I handle it. There may be another way.
I suggest posing the question to Greg Ondo on Club Cubase Live Stream. 1 to 5, Tuesday and Friday, EST. Greg is amazing.