How can i save a template with a pre set View ?

Hi there,

How can i save a template with Zoom settings and everything preset to my preference?

Asking bc now everything changes per the last saved song setting, and when i start a fresh song i want the Zoom to be perfect like i saved in the template

Mmm… I never have an issue where my different templates open per the last song setting. They always open as I created them. As a shot in the dark try checking in the Cubase File>Preferences>General>Open Projects in Last Used View menu. Mine is set to “Always” (seems like this setting would cause what you describe?). But, maybe that has something to do with it. Again, just a shot in the dark.

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Thank you, but i had that selected

i appreciate the help though

I think Prock is saying is that having it selected as “Always” maybe what causes your problem?

That certainly makes sense and is how my system behaves (though doesn’t explain how his apparently doesn’t(?)).

Mine was set for “Only External Projects” (don’t why, don’t remember setting it).
My Templates do not open as per the last Project’s view but rather as I set them which I think is what you want(?).

If I change this setting to “Always” then templates do open as per most recent project…which is what I think is your problem?

Have you tried changing it to “only for External Projects” or indeed “Never”. And make sure you click “Apply”, not just “OK” as that sometimes seems to affect things (at least unless you close and re-open).

You may also need to re-save your Templates just to make sure they know what the right view is!

Hi there,

Yes, thank you, i had checked using the " never ", and tried the " Only External Projects " ( with Apply ), and projects still open the last view used

however, if i load a workspace on its own, it will reload the correct zooming

Bizarre…yet my system behaves differently (as you’d like yours too, I think). Either there’s another Preference somewhere or maybe a corrupt Preference?

Have you tried temporarily renaming your preference file so Cubase is forced to create a a new one?

What OS are you on, I’m seeing this on Win 7 but will also check for Win 10 system.

hi there,

thank you, i will try these ( i have not tried new prefs file yet )

I m on win8.1pro

Thanks again, but it did not work

i moved all files from the configurations folder & cubase created new ones