How can I save double-speed playback specifiedwav-file

Please help me !
I am a curbstone WaveLab7 user.
I would like to know how can I save my specified wav-file ?
I had specified values to playback-mode as a double-speed
just sound one octave higher than normal A=442Hz pitch.
I saved this .wav file, but when I play back with CUBASE6,
it sounds not same what I would like to hear.
It was same as before, one Octave lower, just it like to stay unchanged.
How can I condescend on play-back speed to new .wav-file ?
I would like to receive helpful particular instructions. Thanks!!

If I understand correctly, you want to play a wav file with double speed and double pitch.
Then you can just set sampling rate in audio properties (ctrl+U) to the double value and then save the file with sampling rate set to the original value. If you want to change either speed or pitch alone you should use the dedicated algorithms (shortcuts: “T” for time corrections and “P” for pitch change).

Dear LutzR :
Thanks a lot !
I got it. :smiley: