How can I search or filter the instruments?

I just downloaded Cubasis as it looks way better than GarageBand and I wanted a fully featured DAW on my iPad.

Is there something I’m missing? I can’t seem to see a way to filter or search for instruments. Surely I don’t have to scroll through them.

Hi gordonrobb,

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To get familiar with Cubasis, please have a look if our available Getting started with Cubasis is of any help for you!

While Cubasis does not have a dedicated instrument search function, the internal instruments presets come with a dedicated instrument category button (e.g. a piano icon). Alongside, the presets include a short phrase which can be played back via enabling the “Autoplay” function.

These are the exact steps:

  • Go to Media/Instruments
  • Double tap on an instrument (e.g. “Microsonic”
  • Select a preset via tap, and tap the “Autoplay” button

If you find a preset that you like, a double tap on it will load the associated instrument to a new track in the Arrange Window.

Hope that helps!

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& stay well,

Yeh, thanks. That’s what I’d been doing. I just wondered if, form within that list there was a way to search ‘bass’ for example and reduce the scrolling. No worries though. I’ll probably build up some of my favourite presets.