how can I see hd streaming is at it's limits ?


I was busy with a track and it’s impossible for me to render it at 256 (samples) latecy. i have to set it on maximum. the cpu is about 65-70% busy, so either it’s that or disk streaming, because I hear sound clicks and interuptions mostly when omnispere is playing samples.

the track contains lots of stuff like NLS on each channel, 4 or 5 toraverbs, 3 omnispheres , 2 realguitars, amplitube3, and a few waves Hdelays.

You can see the vst usage but is there also a monitor for inspecting HD streaming ? I know the HD indicator below the VST is purely for audiotracks streaming of cubase so that’s useless for me at this point.


There is a disk indicator right by the CPU indicator in both the transport and the VST Performance dialog. It’s usually not noticeable because disk activity usually doesn’t register much of a blip.

Very average hard drives have been more than fast enough to keep up with audio projects’ streaming audio demands for a few years now.

Unless you are seeing spikes here (unlikely) it is most likely your CPU usage coupled with the latency.

Do you have a dedicated hard disk for your audio projects? No streaming samples on it?

if you mean audio projects as in the cpr files they are actually stored on the same disk that my plugin samples are stored to (you know from libraries) but I hardly use any “audio tracks” except for when I record some vocals or use some loops. If i export i always export to another disk with my “masters”.

You may be able to see it in task manager. You should also check memory usage because some sample players load samples into ram