How can I see numeric velocity value when adjusting all midi notes?

In an instrument track, if I want all of the MIDI notes to be the same velocity, I would select all, and then hold shift and drag them up or down. The problem when I do this though is that I can’t see a numeric value. Is there a work around?

Did you – by any chance – deactivate those

(the cogwheel appears only while notes are selected)

The weird thing is I do have those selected and it always says 0 up top in the velocity.

It’s a little weird that the upper info bar has velocity too.
You probably mean the Velocity 0 at 1. That’s the info bar for the selected MIDI part.
I’m talking about the bar in lower zone editor at 2, there should be a bunch of values, your screen only shows Articulations though. Maybe they’ve been lost during some update or so, you can reset those by clicking on the second cogwheel, there should appear another “Velocities” with the actual values.

Ahh you’re an absolute life saver, thank you!

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