How can I see the right time on AudioMontage


I want to know, on a AudioMontage, a specified time relatively to the track I want to know.
For example, I want to know what time a fade-out begins on that track.

You can set a time ruler offset,
Eg. set the edit cursor at the origin where you want the origin of the Time ruler to be.
Then right click in the time ruler, choose “Time Format”, and set the option from the Tab “Offset”.


Ok, thanks PG

As a suggestion on a future update, why not to include this info (on the bottom) on the each track, when we select it?

This is already possible somehow: put the mouse cursor over the fade in/out point,… after half a second, a tip pops up with the info you want.

or make an selection “where the fade starts to where it ends”
and read this info out in the Status bar.

regards S-EH