How can I select ONE specific Text Frame and not (accidentally) ANOTHER instead (to enter Token info)?

I’ve never been able to figure this out (though apologies if this has been clearly explained elsewhere). How do I ensure that after creating the highlighted text frame in the attached screenshot, that I subsequently am able to quickly enter text into THAT text frame and no other? Each time I try simply double-clicking on what’s highlighted, etc., Dorico defaults to selecting the right-most Text Frame instead for Token entry. Thanks in advance!:

  • D.D.

I encounter this problem all the time. Much easier to hit enter when you have the frame selected.

Even then it feels a bit hit and miss. It’s frustrating since everything else flows so smoothly. I would love there to be a more reliable way to make it obvious which text frame one has selected and to which one desires to add text (unless there’s some other option I’m just not aware of)…
Best -

  • D.D.

Dear D.D.
The solution IS to select the accurate frame and press Enter. If clicking on a frame border does note select the correct frame, use shift-alt-click. On a crowded area, each shift-alt-click will change the selected element, once you get used to it, it’s very efficient.

Ah - shift-alt-click - thanks, I’ll try it.