How can i select the previous track selected

when i compose i do that most of the times with piano to get the idea down.
I made a macro to select The Track i named “Piano” via Project log Editor and can use my Stream Deck ( External Keyboard thing) to press my Hotkey i set up with one bottom.

What i need is the following:
I select my the track : “Trombone” for an example
now i select the track “Piano” which is far away in my list of tracks.
I want to press a key combination to move back to the track i selected before i selected the piano track.
That would rlly help me with my workflow hope someone can help me ! :slight_smile:


I can imagine a solution by using tht new MIDI Remote API, but it’s not really a common use car for the MIDI Remote API.

Another approach might be to modify your Macro that selects the Piano Track so that it also changes some characteristic of the currently selected Track before going to the Piano. Something like the Track Color or appending a specific bit of Text to the Track’s name, for example TBone becomes TBone<<< so when you want to return you can search for “<<<” and then delete that text from the end of the name.

Hey, that already helps a little bit!
Now i only need to find a way to delete all >>> Symbols via hotkey cant figue it out …

or it would help to find a way to to edit the trackname so i can write a command to delete the last letters of the word :smiley:

I did it ! Rename first selected tracks and after that some programming to delete the last 3 letters of the track name ! :smiley:

There is an example PLE Preset that removes the “(R)” from the end of Rendered Track Names.

what exactly do i need to search for to find that example?

There are a bunch of new PLE Presets that got added with 12 and are probably worth taking a peek at too.