How can I send feedback to Japanese localization?

I know this forum talks Dorico in English. However, there is no Nihongo (Japanese language) forum talking about Steinberg products.

Now I am trying to write some tutorials of Dorico in Nihongo, but I found that the Nihongo-translated terminologies in the current version of Dorico Pro 2 can be improved a little.

For example, both the English term “Setup (mode)” and “Preferences” are translated as “設定 (Settē)” in macOS in the menu, bringing problem to the narrator who want to make sure his audience can distinguish what the narrator is talking about. My suggestion is to literally rename the Setup mode as “Preparation Mode (準備モード Junbi Mōdo)” in Nihongo localization. Maybe there are better choice, but translating two different concepts into one word in a target language is a terrible idea. If not gonna change the translation of “Setup Mode”, then please make sure the “Preferences” shows as "環境設定 (Kankyō Settē) in the macOS menu (following what Dorico behaves on Windows).

Also, certain overuse of kakakana-spelt loan words may reduce reading efficiency and may make the UI less condenced. E.g. “Solo Player” and “Section Player” may be written as “独奏者 (Dokusōsha)” and “セクション奏者 (Sekushon sōsha)”.

P.S.: Since the word “Japanese” itself cannot specify whether it means “Japanese” people or “Japanese language” or “Japan’s things / matter”, I use the word “Nihongo” to indicate “Japanese Language”, “Nihonjin” to indicate “Japanese people”, “Nihonlish” or “Japanese” as adjective.

The Japanese localisation is handled by our colleagues at Yamaha in Japan. I will pass on this feedback to them, but I have no idea what they will make of your suggestions.

Thanks for your help. I hope they can do more effort on promoting Dorico in Japan. Currently, Finale is treated as an orthodox software in notation industry in Japan (just like how Cubase was treated as an orthodox DAW in this place), and YAMAHA still has more work to do to make Dorico famous in this market.