How can i set automation track order ?

When I expand a track to show Automation, if I keep clicking the + sign, it goes through many tracks before I find the one I want. Is there a place where I can set my own order?
I know a workaround, but I would really like to set my own order.

I never tried this but maybe you can set up a new template saved with the automation order you want.

Give it a go and if it works please report back. Thanks :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you for the suggestion, however, that doesn’t effect when I add a new track.
The default order MUST be stored somewhere. I wonder if it’s accessible ?

I definitely do not know how to access the default automation order. Hopefully someone will chime in if they do.

But, because of this thread I did set up a new template with tracks having differing automation orders. It saves as I set it. So, for me just discussing this topic is quickening my workflow because I almost never “add” a track per se.

When I need a new track I almost always “duplicate” an existing track that is already set up with my preferences at the top of the template. My template is set up with several different audio and instrument tracks. I never thought to set the automation order too. So now I did… and that helps me. So thanks. :wink:

Maybe it will for you too… “duplicating” instead of “adding” a track.

Good luck.

Regards :sunglasses:

I did a search in the Appdata tree and didn’t find text in any files for several types of automation. That implies it is probably a hard coded table in Cubase itself.

You could create a track with the automation set how you like it and save it as a Track Preset. Then use the preset to create a new track. Don’t know if that will actually work, but worth testing it out.