how can i set read write automation from midi controller?

hi there i have cubase 7 and i use traktor s4 to send midi to cubase for: play stop panning and mix faders and i want to set button that start and stop the r\w on the track so i can make an automation only when i hold a button

in what section of the midi mapping i can control R\W and the Mute\Solo?


not sure if its a controller or automation concern that you have, but here’s what i can think of to tell you.
pg 289 of manual, there are different modes for automation. “Touch”, “Auto-Latch”, and “Cross-Over” data will be written as soon as a parameter control is touched in play mode. They differ in the way the writing of automation data is ended.
pg 448 , If you have a MIDI controller, you can use this for remote control of Cubase by setting up the Generic Remote device for automation. cc7, cc11, so on

thanks for reply i don’t need any special controlling all the other midi mapping i did work perfect i just cant find the section in cubase that control the r\w and mute and solo do you know where i can select that in cubase?

i know that steinberg have it in the CMC controllers a r\w buttons so it must have a midi send from cubase…

generic remote

nevermind i found it its in the vst mixer - selected tnx! :mrgreen: