How can I set the Audio format "mp3-16bit" ?

When I rendering , I want to make a mp3-16bit file directly, but I can’t find the setting in the dialog box “Audio File Format”.
How can I set it?

It is there. Look again.

Thank you for your quick reply, Mr.PG.

”There" means the dialog box?
I’ll show you my scr shots.

I can’t find “bit dipth” in the mp3’s one.

Dialog Box of wav

Dialog Box of mp3

Yes, I’ve chosen it, and then The dialog box appeared as already shown.

There is no “bit depth” selection area…

Your screen shots are too small to be understandable.

And BTW, bit depth has no meaning for mp3.

I’m very sorry for my small scr shots.
And I see that, mp3 has no bit depth.

I’ve learned about mp3 more, and found it was totally my misunderstanding.

I really appreciate your kindness and patience with my bad English.