How can i solve this problem

I have macbook m2, but medieval laud does not work with the adventure operating system on macbook pro m2

Is it authorized/activated in the activation manager?

Thank you very much , yes i have activated and i payed , but dont function with macbook pro m2

It is compatible with the latest macOS according to the Steinberg website.
The red circle with the minus sign is a symbol that means there is no license for that product.
When you purchased, you should have gotten a download access code which then prompts you to register either in the eLicenser or in the new Steinberg activation manager.
If you are confident that the product is registered and activated on your computer, then I suggest you reach out to Steinberg customer support because it will be beyond any forum users ability to assist.

Everything appears to be in order. Please contact Steinberg official support, this is beyond what I can assist with. Good luck!

Thank you very much,
I think the problem is in Apple silicon M2, because with my other Intel macbook pro I don’t have this problem