How can I stop an arpeggiated chord from playing on playback

I added a chord track and created a HALION SE instrument track, selecting a patch in the ARPEGIATED sub-category. (trancequencer))
I copied 4 chords down to this new instrument track.
When i play the song, The last chord, though, keeps on playing after the 4th measure has ended.
My 5th measure is another Halion track with a different patch. (actually another arpeggiated patch).

I know how to fade an audio track, but is there any way to stop those midi notes from playing at the end of the 4th measure ?


(sorry i tried to search this, but i don’t think my terms were good enough to snag a hit)

ok… maybe i figured this one out… if anyone can explain… ?
i dragged up one of the chords from the CHORD PADS window from the bottom of the screen into the last measure of the first track… and when i played the song… the last chord only played on that measure… it was silenced after the measure played.
originally, i loaded my track by coping the chords in the CHORD TRACK. that seemed to keep the last arpeggiated chords for endlessly playing ?