How can I stop Dorico from writing one bar pages?

I implemented a 2/4 meter change to the second last bar on a page, the last bar is 4/4 again. Dorico divides the last 4/4 bar and writes the second half of the bar onto the new page. I want to have the whole bar on the next page, so I press shift/S, after marking the bar line of that particular bar… Dorico then produces a one bar page which I don´t want. I want the 4/4 bar to be together with all the other bars that had already been there on the new page. How can I stop Dorico to produce just a single bar page, still have the system break, and keep all the bars on the one page, together with the new one?

If you’re using Dorico 4, then you can switch to Engrave mode, select a note or item in the bar that you want to be on the previous system, and click the Move to Previous System button in the panel on the left, or use the shortcut , (comma). You can also move a bar to the next system by clicking Move to Next System or using the shortcut . (full stop, or period).

You can also select something in the bar you want to be the first bar on the page, then select something in the last bar you want to be on the page, and choose Make Into Frame from the left-hand panel.

It sounds like you already had a system or frame break somewhere in these last bars – if you show system and frame break signposts, what can you see? Those signposts are what determine where your manual breaks go.

Thanks, sounds what I have been looking for! Only I´m using Dorico 3.5, sorry should have said that before.

Right you are! Bar 22/23 are the last two bars on the bage, bar 23 has the system break, so 23 goes across two pages. The system break in on the new page. Can I shift them somehow? I am using Dorico 3.5, by the way.

If you don’t want a system break somewhere, select the signpost and press Delete.

Great, thanks!!!