How can I stop (the docked) media bay showing folders as results?

I have a pile of folders on top of the search results list, making previewing cumbersome, especially when using the Media tab docked on the right.

I can flip the list by clicking the name header, but I wonder if there’s a setting I’m missing, that would remove the folders from search results. I vaguely remember this behavior being there before…

I had that same problem just a moment ago.

I think to get the behavior you’re “vaguely remembering” requires going to the “Home” view and clicking “Show All Results” before searching. You can still use the filters after that to focus on audio etc. Hope this helps.

Screenshot 2022-01-22 115630

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Hey, that was exactly it - thanks.

Such good and helpful friends the two of you (or is it three?)! How nice to see. :busts_in_silhouette: