How can I store different MIDI Studio settings

I would like to store different MIDI and ASIO Studio settings, i.e. what keyborads are active etc. ideally with a certain project template.
How is this done?
Many Thanks


Hi and welcome,

Could you be more specific, please?

The “Active” of MIDI Ports Setup and the Audio ASIO-driver name, is based on the usage of the specific port in the project. If the port is in use in the project, the port becomes active in the Studio Setup. There is no other meaning of it.

Dear Martin,
specifically, I’d like to save my MIDI connections settings with a given project or template.
For instance one keyboard for one project, another one for another project, or all inactive for another project.
Many Thanks for the help!


The Studio settings is global, not project based. And as I said the Active/Inactive state just informs you, if use the port in the project or not.

Hi Martin
Thanks for the quick reply.